Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ignoring files in subversion

Two lessons for today
  1. How to ignore files in subversion
  2. How to create a transcript
1. How to ignore files in subversion
To ignore a directory: svn propedit svn:ignore
The above command will open an editor, add the directory you want to ignore in the editor and exit from the editor. Note that the directory you are trying to ignore is not added to the repository or else it won't work.
To ignore a file: svn propedit svn:ignore
Again in the editor, add the files you want to ignore and exit. You can even use wildcards when you enter the file names. Ex: '*' to ignore all the files in the directory.

I have shown a method to ignore files using propedit. The same can be done using propset also. Details are here and here.

2. How to create a transcript

You will most probably be asked for a transcript while you are asking for help on IRC channels. Transcript is a copy of the text printed on the terminal. Whatever you have typed and whatever has been printed to the terminal by the commands that you executed.

The simplest way to create a transcript in Linux is to run the script command. After running the script command, run/type whatever commands you want to and when done, type 'exit' to stop the script. A file with the name typescript is created which will have the transcript of whatever you have done on the terminal.

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